Community Intervention Organization

Peace Keepers

Who are we?

The Peace Keepers of AFP-CIO are trained and certified in violence deterrence and gang intervention through PCITI Worldwide - the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute.

As part of the Pasadena Chapter of PCITI, our Peace Keepers are committed to becoming “Warriors for Peace” in the Pasadena/Altadena communities. They help patrol and monitor Pasadena/Altadena streets and are our Professional Violence Intervention First Responders.

PCITI Certification Graduating Class
  • AFP-CIO members complete intensive PCITI Worldwide training and become certified Peace Keepers.
  • We applaud our members of the Pasadena PCITI Chapter, working to prevent gang violence on our streets.

AFP-CIO member Steve Trejo is Captain of the Pasadena Chapter of PCITI. Steve is also certified in "Gang Intervention" through the Flintridge Center 20/20 Vision Initiative, Community Violence Intervention-Prevention Institute and Network; and in “Conflict Resolution” through the Western Justice Center. He has taught Parent Conflict Resolution for the Pasadena Unified School District's Rose City Program.

  • Paulo Alejandria of Crown City News (Pasadena, CA) interviewed AFP-CIO's Steve Trejo.

Need Help?

Click here for email or for immediate assistance in violence deterrence and gang intervention call 626-773-2703.